Ingrown hair


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Oct 30, 2011
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so i gave my self a bikin wax a few weeks ago, im not very good at waxing myself, and i should go get it done by someone really.

anyways i have a patch that have lots of red bumps on it and has turned into ingrown hairs, and my skin actually hurts. :(

can anyone tell me a good way to sort it out as it feels really uncomfortable xxx
Get some olive oil and some salt preferably sea salt and give yourself a bit of a gentle scrub before you get in the shower.If you have some tea tree or lavender add a drop.

Then when you have had your shower put some sudocrem on.
A Bit Of Rough - Japanese Style Wash Cloth - About is the way to go. You can buy it retail or wholesale.

I always used to get my clients to dry brush and then apply a little baby oil, but now they're all using this cloth instead of a brush. It's amazing! Don't forget the baby oil after.

If you have a really deep hair, use magnesium sulphate from the chemist and it will draw it out.

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