Ingrown toenails


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Dec 27, 2020
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I don’t think the nail will ever be able to match the original, even with acrylic. It will be more narrow obviously. The side skin will take the place of the nail bed along the missing side. Unless the Dr. treated the matrix very well, there is a possibility of a partial regrowth of the nail. It’s just a matter of getting used to the new nail. Personally, I would rather that than wrinkles!
As of this, I am sadly quite unsure. She was told by her podiatrist that the toenail will indeed grow back in 9-12 months but, of course, nothing is a guarantee. I do not want to give her any advice about the nail growth itself as I am not a doctor. So mum is the word from me for now.

My core issue is that she is coming in about 6 weeks and I am puzzled dealing with it. Perhaps the best advise would to do a basic pedicure in this particular case and leave this poor nail alone to heal. This way, it does heal as best as it can. There are quite a plenty of nail covers she can use if it is not ready for that flip flop season.

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