Initial new logo your opinions please

.... these are the 2 I like your thoughts please???

Have made an album not sure if its worked?? let me know if you still cant see these!? thanks
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I can't see them :(

Can't see em Hun x

Have made an album - how do people upload photos!? think this is the second time my photos havent uploaded!!?:confused:

They are there in your album.

i really like them both, but i love the second one! xx

Absolutely lovely. Just one question, can't see it clearly but is it an image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys? If it is, make sure the image doesn't have copywrite on it or it could end you up in trouble!

Hope it's free for you to use though because it looks great!


Thanks for the feedback - a company called fatheads are doing it so dont need to worry about that side of things thankfully! ....Anyone else mind giving me any feedback :biggrin:

Love the second one! Looks fab!! :Love:x

I love the logo, i think the 2nd one looks better.

What a difference a professionally designed logo makes to the brand. I like the way the word 'beauty' is the emphasis. It makes a change from the swirls and loops around the name that many go for.

Kathie x

Miss Pink23

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Ooh controversy-as I prefer the first one :) I think the 'Audrey Hepburn' like image on the second looks too chunky and the feet look odd just floating in thin air.

Thanks girls sorry for late reply my phone didnt alert me for some reason hes making a few changes will let you all know what the end product is!! So exciting!!:biggrin: