INK London nails not curing properly


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Hi everyone,

Before I start, I’m a complete beginner, having just done a gel polish course. I’ve found this site really helpful and after reading some threads I decided to buy the INK london ilac pro starter kit with the Kool 48 lamp.
I worked in my first model yesterday and at the end I realised the nails hadn’t cured properly. I called INK and they said that I should have been using the 60sec cure setting - I’d been using the 120sec automatic setting.
I tried again today and the same thing happened after trying to cure the base coat on the 60sec setting. The nails were still soft. I tried one hand for an extra 30secs but it didn’t really make a difference. I’m making sure the hands are in the right place and using thin coats of polish. I didn’t apply the colour today as I didn’t feel comfortable going ahead and I’ll try again on my own nails tonight to experiment.
I’ve messaged my trainer but she didn’t have the INK it so though I’d ask on here as well.
Thanks in advance!

I’ve spoken to my trainer and watched INK’s online videos and I think I had been applying the polish a little too thickly. I did my own nails and adjusted this and it was ok, but on my most recent model there was still colour coming off when I did the final wipe despite applying the layers as thinly as possible. It’s on random nails and not just thumbs, so I don’t think it’s about placement under the lamp. I’m following the company’s advice and doing the 60s cure time but I might try one more time on 90s before contacting them again.