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Ok firstly please don't laugh at my total lack of knowledge's making me feel old lol But my daughter (12yo!!) has set me up a work page for Instagram but I really have no idea how to use it! I have managed to find a few people/pages for me to follow but how do you get people to find and follow you? I have glanced at the other Instagram thread on here where everyone has posted their user names. How do I post a picture on it 😳 and how do I get people to see it? How to hashtags work? And how can I make it benefit my business?

Sorry for all the questions but I really am confused.


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So the first thing to do is build up your own profile, start following people. A lot of the time if someone is followed, they will follow back. Hashtagging increases the appearance of your posts so for example, if you post a picture of a salon you would hashtag with #salon #salon[location] #beauty and other words that relate to your business/picture. I would also advise not to just post to instagram. Set up a Facebook business page. You can set up instagram to automatically post to your facebook page too. You can set up a similar link with twitter.
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