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Jun 8, 2010
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Oh dearie me,

My business insurance is up for renewal at the end of the month so like I do with the car, I'm ringing round for quotes.

Yesterday, I found a great deal with ABT that beat BABTAC who I spent my student years with and they were fine but they made some changes to their member area site and I found I couldn't get on with it.

And they beat The Guild who I went with because it's well known (and at the bottom of most of my certificates) but a few therapist friends said what I was paying was quuite expensive because of all the member benefits which I don't use (apart from the business directory).

I came across a comparison site during yesterday's search and submitted my details.

They called this morning and have just HAD A GO at me!

They came back with a quote which was very affordable but had a very high excess from a company that I have never heard mentioned within our industry.

I think its important to have industry specific insurance and I told them that was one of my requirements.

I was told "not to ring comparison sites then" and just go direct to the relevant insurance companies and that "I had wasted their time"!

When he gave me the quote I did say that's as close to the quote I had from ABT so I'll probably go with them as they are industry specific and he said that he'd never heard of them and they sounded dodgy LOL

Just literally put the phone down and jumped straight on here to tell you all.

My word, I appreciate that they have a job to do and are busy people but if they don't want people looking for quotes then they are in the wrong job.

Tried to search for the comparison site again and I cannot find it yet when they called they quoted who they were and the site I found yesterday certainly was not the same.


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