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Has anyone looked up or got anymore info on salon insurance which covers for Enforced closure due to notifiable infectious disease at the premises?

I’ve looked at my Salon Gold policy and I’m certain I’m not covered for it.
I wonder if it was possibly something that was additional?


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I called mine today, luckily i'm covered but its very complicated as its worded in my policy. However they can still refuse to pay out depending on the exceptions. Unless the government close down businesses... I cannot claim anything from my insurance unless this happens- not loss of revenue or drop in foot fall as this is not covered in business interruption or loss of earnings.

So atm im staying safe, picking and choosing what to do for the next 16 weeks. Being exceptionally stingy with incoming and outgoings. Hopeful that it will be better. No crazy spending- this looks likely until mid July- (all i want to do is buy salon stuff). Get your contingency plan in place- keep clients informed/ update all contact info for any cancellations- don't do any mass facebook messages- keep it personable to retain your clients and see how their well being is.

My advice to those that are open; call your insurance find out what you are covered for- look at the policy wording. Call your bank look at the grants available in April, look at holiday free mortgages/loans. Call any utility bill for your business and they have helpful solutions on bills being minimized. Watch the PM everyday- today helpful suggestions to boost businesses.
I hope you all get the financial abundance once we're out of this pickle! Wishing everyone the best! xoxo


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Mine said only covered if I caught it myself or if one of my clients caught it at the salon...only in that situation would it be a notifiable disease and could be claimed for. What a total waste of time, will only pay out for my loss if I get ill or if I make my clients ill. Not an option as morally wrong so have decided to close and just hope the government will step up to help us all out.