Intimate 4 temperature

Hi folks!

I’ve decided that rather than waste wax, that I’d try out the Intimate 4 again and give it another chance. I used it on myself last night with oil underneath and got in much better with it, although it still had a tendency to snap in areas. I set it at 64 on a hive heater as recommended by Perron Rigot and my room is quite warm just now with the hot weather down south. I still found it had a tendency to set on the spatula though and wondered if I should turn the heat up but that sounds too hot.

Those of you who use Perron Rigot intimate 4, can you tell me what temperature you have your digital heaters at please that works best for you and do you find it snaps? It may just be that I don’t work well with Cream waxes or need more practice with it.