iPads tablets which one for my needs?


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Hi all

Anyone clued up on iPads and tablets?
Want to get one as only use my phone now and laptop is on the way out. I've always had iPhone and macs but I'm wanting to use Microsoft office now, excel and word to help with my partners books and also I'm going to be helping my sister with her music work so need to use lot of social media, and also for my use for pictures, can I still view iCloud on am android system?

I know I sound dumb but when it comes to tech I am! I try to research it all but with new born baby brain a toddler and a husband to sort out I'm not really able to absorb much inch any help you got will be greatfully received!! 'Tia xx


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If you live anywhere near an Apple store, pop in and book an iPad training session. They’re free and it gives you the chance to learn how it works and ask lots of questions.

I help run a computer coding club for kids and they use Windows based laptops.
I only use my iPad Pro these days as I like the bigger screen and it links to all my other Apple devices. I can also keep tabs on my son’s iPad so I know he’s safe online. All my software is linked and saved to the Cloud so I can access photos, books, music etc. on any of my Apple devices instantly. However, I can still access Microsoft Office software on the iPad and open and amend docs. as necessary.

Android based tablets are also very good (help set these up for non-techy friends) but I don’t use them so I can’t offer any opinion on whether they’re going to work best for you.

However, if there’s a particular piece of software that you have to use, it makes sense to see if it works ok on an iPad or other tablet device before you invest a lot of money in new tech.