is it worth the risk?


im about to open my new salon and decided months ago on a name. luckily i havent had my sign or leaflets done yet as iv rang companies house today and somebody is already trading under this name!!!! they are in berkshire which is nowhere near me so is it worth risking using the name anyway? is there any way around it? xx


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Better check with the companies house? and check for rules and regs on this.
I know here in the US, we can use the same name as long as it isn't in the same state or as long as the name hasn't been trademarked registered. Like Creative is a registered trademark name.


Hi Katie
Congratulations on soon to be opening your salon:)

Try this link.
Information & Guidance - Company Registration

One of the problems that can arise with having the same name as another business is....If they are not quite up to standard and shoddy work is performed 'word of mouth' travels fast. Then being of the same name will/may be link to the other. Then again the same if the opposite was to happen.

In the link is all the regulations etc that will guide you.



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Lets us know what you decide to do. Changing your business name isnt something you want to do so close to opening up.


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I would just change the name tbh.

They have obviously gone to the trouble of registering the name so I doubt they would be happy if someone else set up with it to.

I always thought the whole point of paying for it is so no-one else can use it, imo it would be a pointless system if you had to pay to register than any tom, dlck or harry uses it to !


Unfortunatly the only way to prevent someone from using the name is to Trademark it. (IPS). If it hasnt been done already,its worth considering if the name is unique to you.
Companies house only keep a list of names there is no law to stop you from trading in any name unless I believe its trade/registred. I have looked into this recently put in a search for trademark attorneys and you will see what they say regarding companies house!


p.s I think good etiqutte would be not to have the same name in the same county for example.......tranquility, gretna green.....tranquility, in say dumfries. Further up in Scotland like edinburgh you d be alright though(unless its trademarked)


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There is absolutely no reason - legal or otherwise, to stop you trading under ANY name as long as it has not been registered as a trademark. You can check free of charge with the patent office, NOT at Company's House. The web address is - you can do it all online.
Companies House names are not even necessarily the trading name of the business. For example I could be registered at company's house as 'Nails R Us' but my trading name could be 'Nails 4 U'......or any other name I choose, and I am legally allowed to use that name unless it has already been legally granted as a Trademark to someone else.

I look at the list quite regularly and there are very few nail trademarks registered, if the name you wish to use has not been - my advice would be to go ahead and use it. A name doesnt belong to anyone unless they go to the time and expense to register it legally - otherwise they have no legal rights to it.................of course the same applies to you - if you dont register it with the patent office then there is nothing to stop anyone else using it either.

I am regestered on companys house as BeautyLounge(doncaster)ltd but I trade as Beauty Lounge. I had to do this as there already was a beauty lounge on companies house