Is there a guarantee to how long polish lasts?


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I've recently stopped doing shellac, but I told my current nail clients that I'm continuing to do polish. One of my clients who usually has shellac on toes asked if she could come for pedicures instead and I said yes and that CND Vinylux lasts pretty well on toes.
So its 5 days post pedicure and she's text me to say that one toe is chipped and she's currently on holiday so not very happy. I don't really know how to respond. She's a lovely lady and a good client - and although I'm disappointed its chipped so soon, its still only polish right? :confused:


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Sounds like your client probably knocked her toe.
(What sane client would text their therapist in the middle of their holiday???!!!! That's not normal!)
Anyway, cnd say that Vinylux is a 7 day plus polish.
However, I've been using Vinylux on toes for several years now and I find it stays on brilliantly 6-8 weeks and still perfect. Rarely does a client return with any missing polish.

I wouldn't give any discount or anything as clearly no fault of yours. Offer the client a retail polish next time she has a pedi - then she can touch up as necessary!