Is there a way to reduce fumes?

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Hi all,

Advice needed on how to reduce or eliminate nail product fumes?

I started working from home over a year ago and in that time I've also had a baby.

Returning to work soon and need some help with what I can do to really cut down on the fumes from acetone, L & P, polishes etc.

The baby will be at home with me while I work and if I can't find ways to do nails safely then I'm going to have to cut certain treatments out because I will not risk my child's health.

Any other nail tech mums that are savvy with this?

Beebs x

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If you are in a room then close any doors so the smell is contained.
Open a window.
Remove any wipe pads immediately after use, its surprising how much these can make the smell linger.
If you cant put these outside in the trash then put them in a snap lock bag.


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"What you want from a filter is that it sucks in enough air to take nearly all particles and chemicals, gives you a large enough working area, but is quiet enough to not be irritating when used all day. It is simply not possible to design a small filter system that can remove 99% of all dust and chemicals from the air. I will explain why later in this article."

Could you please tell us the rate of air flow at the face of this unit that you use, and sell, and the capture area of the nail dust and fumes?


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We use, but we do not sell. If you want competitive information to compare to your products, you can contact the manufacturer:

Box 2284, SE 531 02 Lidköping, Sweden Tel: +46 510 20810


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According to the data sheet (on the website) of the previously recommended unit it extracts dust and fumes at a rate of 100 mts squared per hour. The HSE Coshh Sr 13 Guidelines to comply with the 2002 act of substances hazardous to Health state on the front page that the minimum required rate of downdraught for nail dust removal the is 1 metre squared per second. 1 metre squared per hour is 0.0277 metres per second so the recommended unit is operating at 37 times below the requirement of Coshh SR 13 and therefore does not meet the guidelines or even come close.


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We are no longer a reseller for Weller Filtronic, since most of our business today is in countries where Weller (as one of the World's largest industrial tool manufacturers) already has offices.

However, in the interests of fair play, I wanted to give them an opportunity to respond:

Hi Bob,
I tried to create an account so I could reply to his comments, but for some reasons did that nor work.
So maybe you can answer for me? (you can comment as below)


Dear Sirs

Sorry, but I feel that I need to correct some errors here.

First… the information that you mention “the minimum required rate of downdraught for nail dust removal the is 1 metre squared per second” is incorrect.

It is not 1 metre squared per second (1m³/s) …it is an airspeed of 1m/s…and that is a big difference!

And you can’t calculate the airspeed in this way that you have, because the airspeed that you get in a system in m/s, depends on the diameter of the pipes that the air flows through… and that is a little bit more complicated to calculate.

What you have done is simply to convert the same amount of air, in meter squared per hour to meter squared per second.

So, you can convert from m³/h to m³/s…, and then is 100 m³/h = 0.0277 m³/s. So that calculation is correct… But that is not the airspeed!

Just to explain…If you have 100m³/h (constant flow) you get a lower airspeed in a channel system with large diameter and higher airspeed through a channel system with small diameter, but it is the same amount of air. (standard mathematics and physics)

If you have 100m³/h and run this amount of air through a 63 Ømm pipe (the dimensions on the filter unit) you get an airspeed of 8,91 m/s.

(if you want to have exact data on how you calculate this I can send that)

Hope that this explains a little bit.

And If you need more information please contact me!

Med vänlig hälsning / Kind regards

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