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i know I'm properly going to get shot fot this but here goes, I've got a set of highlights tomorrow and am out of powder bleach, i went to my normal wholesaler ( Aston and fincher ) but they close at lunchtime them went on to another wholesaler in another town was there by 4.30 and that was shut so now I'm thinking sugar now I'm stuck so i have gone and bought 2 packs of Jerome Russel !!! i know i know :eek:! my question is has anyone used this and got away with it, I'm doing a T section roots ( foil ) on a base of about 7


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Hi , I would be scared to use it too :eek: especially if it isn't a professional make,
you may not get the lift you need,

I would go and get a professional one if I were you
you can get single sachets of Wella Blondor ,

Then at least you'll know what to expect ,

good luck :hug: x


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or could you even ask a salon if you could buy a tub off em ? or maybe do it with high lift tint ?
hope you get sorted hun x


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Hi , yes I hope you get sorted too wish I was nearer to you I would have helped you out too hun ,
maybe there are some geeks out there nearer to you
who will read this and help you out xxx :hug: minky


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ah bless you :hug: i really apreciate it