Hello. I'm qualified in mani/pedi gel polish booked onto a lash lift course and I have trained with NSI for acrylics(but not very confident) I'd love to gain experience and confidence by working in a salon but would they take me on as an apprentice do you think. I still need to earn a little money as I have a morgage and 2 kids but husband covers most. Can anyone guide me in the right direction on how to enter into it? Thankyou.


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Hi Chloe, I can't see why not. Lots of beauty salons are run by trained beauty therapists and we're always on the lookout for staff keen to learn and progress.

If your local college doesn't offer beauty apprentices you can go direct to salons and tell them about the Saks apprentice scheme. Employers pay £700 to Saks who provide all the training material and send an external trainer every 4-6 weeks to deliver the theory elements of each new module and assess you on the practical elements of the syllabus. Your employer delivers the supervision and support to help you pass each module. The new level 2 course will take more than a year to complete, after 12 months your employer has to pay you minimum wage, you don't stay on the apprenticeship rate for the whole period.

I've had two older apprentices, sadly one couldn't cope with the minimum requirement of 30 hours work a week (she had a little one). I now have a mature lady with grown up children as my apprentice. She isn't a native English speaker so she needs quite a lot of help with her written work but she's also very very pleased at the quality of training she's receiving. The arrangement is working well so far.