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Jan 26, 2012
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Does anyone out there still use pencil and paper to book appointments, advertise via local newspapers, flyers and put bill receipts on a spike to aid end of day cashing up?.........No? ....... I do!!!!!
ok,ok I know I'm well behind the times but I spend money on keeping the salon up-to-date with modern decor, good quality products, training etc

But I feel I will now have to move into the 21st century and go all PC and this terrifies me!
I've read loads of threads regarding software on here, but its the jargon i can't get to grips with.

I spent almost 2 hours on phone this morning having an interactive demo online and it all seems pretty straightforward but then when I was given the info regarding the costs it obviously works out to more than I currently spend on marketing. I've also had meetings with other companies regarding their software/hardware and its like getting a mobile phone for the first time all over again, all the jargon goes over my head!

So my question is.........Is it worth getting to grips with? And did you notice any difference to your annual turnover once you starting using e-commerce?

phew that was hard work trying to put into words what you don't understand:lol:

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