Just rented an old tattoo shop I want run as beauty salon


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Can any one help me im level 3 beauty therapist just took on a tattoo shop.
Not workingas present as trying to do shop work.
Does any one know what i needto apply for from the council?
I will be doing nails, brows, lashes, lash lift and hope to do microblading.
I so confused dont know where to start i.e with license ect any advice be so grateful as gone into complete panick mode.
Im wiltshire area

Lisa norris

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Hi I’m currently looking into microblading and I have a lady from the council coming out tomorrow to view my set up! there is info online as to what your local
Council require for you to gain a licence for this! As for the other beauty treatments u just need your usual public liability insurance! Make sure you also have a skin test policy in place! You should be fine with it previously being a tattoo shop.


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Thank you some one has mentioned i may need do a change of use as althought i will be doing microblading it will be a beauty salon suis genries if i spelt right.
Feel very stressed


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As already said you shouldn't need to do a change of use. You need a license for Microblading but costs only a one off of around £250 then you're good to go. You need to have a sink in the room you'd be Microblading from or very very close to get the approval. Apart from that like Am said you'd be good to go.

It's stressful but so worth it!

Jess LVC

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You need a special treatment licence (which covers tattoos and microblading)
Have you already done the microblading course or yet to do it?


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Qualified so im trying find out if i need coshh cupboard any signs displayed .
I know tatoo regulation now but cant find anything for beauty side of it .
Really struggling stressed any help be appreciatex