Keratin straightening/Brazilian blowdry

Discussion in 'Hair' started by redlottie13, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. redlottie13
    Hi all I've already asked with no replies...... Can anyone who uses a keratin /Brazilian blowdry (or whatever it's known by now... It's been years since I used one) please tell me what you use and the results, I'm looking to bring it into the salon and so far have come across 'GK hair' and 'True keratin' please help I have a client waiting xx
  2. leenie81
    The hairdresser at my salon uses Nov max and it's amazing. I have mixed race hair and it works so well on my hair . Is has quite a strong smell though when blow drying xx
  3. Hayleyhair
    KERASTRAIGHT ultimate treatment is fantastic. And can be washed again same day!
  4. redlottie13

    How long does it take love and how much do you pay if you don't mind me asking x xx
  5. redlottie13
    That's sounds ace.....Do you use it? If so how much do you charge?
  6. Hayleyhair
    Are we allowed to discuss wholesale price???
    I'm not sure what the rules are on that one??
  7. daydreams01
    I have used la brasiliana but last year got cezanne in and it s really nice. The company that distribut it in U.K. Are star qualities who bought olaplex over here initially and they invited me to a free workshop last year to try it out. It's really nice, completely formaldehyde free and lasts up to 5 months with correct aftercare and hair can be shampooed immediately if required, no waiting time. Don't get a huge demand for it in my area but the people I have used it on have been happy.
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  8. redlottie13
    No sorry. meant how much do you charge for the service x
  9. redlottie13

    What do you charge for the service? X
  10. daydreams01
    Depending on hair length between £125-135 including aftercare. Sometimes they might have a discount code to use to save 10 or 20%. It's cheap compared to going rate around here where everyone else seem to be £150 plus which is what I was advised to charge but I just don't think I would have any takers for it at that price!
  11. redlottie13
    I'm in the Midlands so might just go slightly under that...Thanks lovely x
  12. Hayleyhair
    In salon KERASTRAIGHT treatment £120
  13. leenie81
    I just buy them myself now and it's about £100 I think but that does a good few treatments I think. It's the only one that has worked so well. I liked keratin revolution too but I like this as you wash the hair straight after unlike the other keratin treatments

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