Kim Lawless training

Hello, I havent posted in a long time, I have read every single thread on here about Kim lawless training, I have just completed a basic waxing course ready to go to train with Kim lawless as soon as I have the funds... I just wanted to ask those who are trained what it has done for your business? I absolutely love to wax and want to eventually specialise in intimate waxing, after a year off I am just setting up my home beauty business again, I'm bursting at the seams to train with Kim!!
Thank you any info I would appreciate x x

I trained with Kim for intimate waxing but tend not to use her method of ‘on all fours’. I did on a few clients but generally speaking most have preferred not to go through that. I have been a waxer for many years though and I find most people apply their own technique. I haven’t done any intimate courses any where else though to compare it too as like Kim, I just automatically included intimate waxing through years of working.


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I love intimate waxing, I haven’t trained with Kim lawless though. Hope you enjoy your course when you do it!