LA Tanning?


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Hi all

I did a 1 day training course with someone from LA Tanning a couple of years ago within my full Beauty Therapy course. It is the only brand I have any experience with, and now I am going out on my own I am thinking of buying in one of their kits with the full set up. Before I do so I wanted to check if there would be any other brands with complete start up kits that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi, I trained with Sienna X but i decided to use another brand. I use VANI-T which is expensive but absolutely amazing. I bought the maximist spraymate TNT from suntana. It came with the machine, tent, and suntana samples. I've been tanning for 7 months now and had no problem with the machine.
Not sure about any of the other brands and machines.
Hope this helps xx

Try Suntana or LAEX both good brands and LAEX has a clear tan which is great for weddings etc x


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I switched from LA to LAEX. It's a bit dearer but I feel the colour is nicer, goes on nicer and smells amazing


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Thanks everyone! :)