LA weave hair extensions


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So I had 1 row fitted last week and cut to shoulder length. Today I’ve tried to tie it up into a pony tail and it looks an absolute mess. I’ve had hair extensions for years and this never looks like this. I mainly have my hair tied up so I’m not happy it looks like this. I do normally have long hair. Is this because I’ve gone shorter with the extensions or these are badly fitted and blended? They don’t look bad down but as I say I hardly ever wear my hair out.



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Hi, From your pic, I would say you have a blunt cut one length and would agree that it's a blending issue.


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I would say when only having one row fitted and wearing it up it’s never going to blend amazingly but I am guessing you have had this fitted just for thickness? X


I would say it’s because it’s short and a blunt cut


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If you've only had one row fitted, it won't blend correctly. You need at least 3 rows and then blending can take place and you won't lose much of the thickness.