La weave


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I am fuming has any one else had a problem with the company la weave it took me 11 weeks to even talk to someone and I had to threat to even get a call back. When I did get a call back it was very unprofessional. They have been a problem from day one when I did my course they provided me with an old manual with old prices and when I rang up to discuss the prices and was made to feel like I was in the wrong then when I did an l order it took two weeks to come not the 2-3 days of eta they have been an absolute nightmare any body else had a problem with them as a company x

Momobile hair

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Have the same problem I’m trying weeks to get a response!


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I've had an ongoing issue with them since December 2017 , I placed an order with them , they took the money out the next day and I never received the delivery. To this day I'm still trying to get my refund of £183 back . I've tried everything for the past 10 months - emailing, calling, I've even sent letters to the registered address but they come back to me as undelivered/not known address. No one calls me back or has responded to me via email . I'm absolutely fuming with this company aswell and really cannot understand how they can treat their customers in this way!!!!!!!!!!