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Nov 7, 2003
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hi guys
i have decided at short notice, to participate in a fund raising 'Ladies Indulgence Evening!'. Apparently this evening has been run for the last 3 years and attracts about 60 ladies, ranging from 16-60. Each lady pays her entrance fee and then has 15 minute slots with beauticians etc. There is only one other nail tech attending who does only gel nails - mine are L&P. Obviously, it goes without saying that in 15 minutes, i couldn't perform miracles, but any suggestions what i could do.
I also do freehand and airbrushed nail art and can easily take my compressor.
It goes without saying that, although i hope the fund raising committee make money, my sole objective is to get more clients!
Should i offer 'gift vouchers', if so any suggestions on wording etc...shall i leave the 'treatment' blank as they may wish to purchase vouchers for full set, airbrushing and infills (you never know!) all on the same voucher and not just a straightforward full set!
Also, shall i offer a reduced price infill if they book a full set of enhancements. I know the geeks hate the term discount. i don't have time to buy a load of retail items to sell.
any advice, positive or negative would be greatly received....soon please!


PS. A BIG thank you to all you lovely ladies who have helped me with all my lifting problems - i have it sorted i think! I am now a lot more confident in my nails look good (and they last now!)
I did one of these last week for the local school fund raiser - fun but hard work :D Believe me 15 minutes is not long (that's exactly what I had). You don't say if you do manicures. Although I do both gel and l&p I also do manicures so I just did mini manicures on the night. If you are interested in full details pm for more info.

I also had a table set up with retail stock (all CND), took orders for enamels (lots!), had gift vouchers available, made up little free gifts with sample sized Scentsations and SolarOil, handed out ALL of my leaflets, and basically talked the hind legs off a donkey :rolleyes:

I see you are Cambs/Herts border, I live near Ely in Cambs so if you want to meet and chat feel free. I still have some of the free gifts made up if its any help.

hi there
thanks sharon for your help
i have posted a pm for you regarding the gift packs.

anyboday else have any advice...

another thought someone might be able to help me with...
if i did one nail enhancement on say the pinkie, should i get them to complete a client consultation card...obviously i would like to collect their names and addresses for future mailings, but is it appropriate to ask all the normal info but still want to cover myself if they have some horrible allergic reaction.
How about giving a nice hand massage with some wonderfully scented cream! Have you tried the new Gingerbread scented lotion from CND, it's yummy smelling! Or what about getting everyone to try a scoop of Solar Manicure and then doing a hand massage! Bring lots of business cards and information handouts on MMA and maybe the benefits of using Solar Oil whether you have enhancements or not! Your friend and fellow nail tech, Victoria/The Perfect 10.
Hi Dianne, just thought I'd let you know how I got on Friday!
I did a pamper evening up at the local school and it went really well. I'd never done one before so was quite nervous!
I just offered a mini manicure (file n polish with a touch of sensations hand cream) or a single Xmasy nail art sample. Both were popular. I sold along side some Xmas stocking filla type of things (spangly nail files, cuticle oils with dried flowers in, Creative sensations). I know you say you don't have time to get any but I'm sure if you nipped into Sally's you could pick up a handful of bits n pieces. People love to buy things to take home on these nights!!! Even if you can't afford to buy loads, maybe get just 1 of each as a sample and take orders on them.
I also made up some gift vouchers on the computer and printed them out on some nice paper which had matching envelopes (from PC World!) These just basically said 'Gift Voucher' with 'You have been treated to a .........' leave blank and fill in by hand when they tell you what they'd like to buy for someone. Then underneath that ' With love from.......' and let them fill in their name etc. Underneath my name & tel no. so they know who to contact. These also went down well - put a big notice up saying 'Stuck for a Xmas pressie???? - Gift Vouchers available' or something like that.
I think if you print out loads of leaflets and put them under peoples noses they'll be interested if thats what they're looking for. I don't personally think that offering a discount will pull too many people in on a night like that - maybe a free solar oil or something might be better.
Sorry I've waffled on but I spent months trying to work out what to do and it took a lot of preparation, but I feel it really payed off!!
Good luck anyhow, let us know how you got on.
Ali B ;-)
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