Lamps with gel polish range

I just wondered how many techs use the LED lamps with the corresponding gel polish line? Thanks.


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Yes, I do :)



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I do too :)

Thanks - I've read similar articles so I just wanted to get an idea of whether many other techs actually heed the warning!
Would you be willing to take a risk if a client were to make an insurance claim against you? I’ll assume the answer is “not a chance”.


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I do. Two brands, two lamps.

I also do!


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Me too! 2 brands so 4 lamps in total (2 each brand) xx

I do, I have the Gelish 18G original lamp for my Gelish products and a Cuccio LED lamp for the Cuccio gels, I’d just prefer to be confident that I’m fully covered by my insurance and that the products are working as they were designed to. It’s expensive to buy a full new system with a lamp but I guess it would be more expensive to get sued! :eek: