Landlord eviction after 10 years on a no fault basis?

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  1. Lisa19576
    Please can you help me? I'm desperate ...
    My commercial Landlord.The man solely responsible for the closure of my own hairdressing business. AFTER 10+ Years of trading. He has been harassing me and intimidating me for months. I informed him in August 2017 that I had just been diagnosed with a very serious heart condition - My heart is act actually failing to work properly and is struggling to keep me alive on a daily basis, and also have Left Ventricular Impairment and Enlarged LV Chamber. Along with congenital Birth Defects effecting both forearms and hands.

    On November 22nd 2017, for NO REASON he tried to force me onto signing a agreement to accept TWO WEEKS NOTICE to quit my premises and vacate. I was threatened that the locks will be changed on 8.12.17.

    Due to the aggression and verbal abuse from himself and his family members, I have not been able to trade since 22nd November 2017 for the genuine fear for my safety, as he trades next-door to my salon and lives above in the flat.

    My cardiologist has also advised that I should under no circumstances leave myself open to any stress, conflict, worry and emotional distress, due to the nature of my heart issues as iam already at a higher risk of Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, Pulmonary Embelism. Iam protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 under Secure Tenure and as he has terminated our agreement on a no fault basis.
    Therefore by Law I'm entitled to compensation for the closure of my business and loss of earnings, as I'm protected by the LTA54.

    But due to my worsening illness I'am struggling to do this alone, as this whole situation has made me really unwell and having serious implications on my general emotional and physical health.
    Just before Christmas I desperately had to find £600 to pay for solicitors fees. The Solicitor literally just sent a letter to the Landlord stating my legal rights. I have now run out of funds for any legal help to help me successfully recover the compensation that I am certainly owed.

    For 10 years plus, I have worked on my own, and worked damn hard to achieve the salon at present, that is highly thought of in the community and a well standing established local business, ran single handedly by a single mum. Who needed to flee my family home due to the emotional and mental abuse I suffered from my husband. The police actually had to attend my home and remove me from the property for my own safety - I had to barracade in my bedroom for three days, to avoid the abuse I was inflicted to. I left that house with two carrier bags of belongings three years ago and had no alternative but to return to my father's home. So technically I am in fact also homeless.

    That shop was the only thing in the world that I actually own, out right just me, it was all just mine. It was my Safe Place, my Therapy and my Restbite from all the other devistation that was happening in my life, and that Man has destroyed That! For NO REASON WHATSOEVER! He's not just destroyed my business and income, but he's also destroyed my intire life, my Christmas my daughters 18th Birthday.

    All of my salon equipment, furniture, tools, stock are still in the property and I'm unable to recover due to the fear of Aggression from the landlord and his Family members.


    After I was diagnosed with my recent heart problems, I informed Personal Independence Payment (that I was in receipt of the till Oct 2018) that I had a change of circumstances due to my original condition drastically worsening, along with the more recent medical conditions I suffer from. (Heart Failure is graded on a 1-4 scale.. Stage 4 being palliative /end of life care. I'm already at least 2.5! It's also classed as a chronic terminal illness as it cannot ever be fixed and will never get better. It will ultimately decrease the expectancy of my life, and ultimately be the reason for my departure.)
    And in there great wisdom decided that I no longer needed this benifit and in there opinion I was able to carry out daily living duties in a adequate and safe way. Therefore ABRUPTLY CEASED my claim and further payments thereafter.

    I'm at complete breaking point and how the hell I'm still actually here amazes me to be completely honest. I know that I'm heading for meltdown very soon, I simply haven't got the strength to do this on my own anymore.

    Please can you do anything whatsoever to help me even a little bit?

    Thankyou in Advance
    Best Wishes

    Lisa x
  2. C.R
    Hi Lisa,
    Firstly, I'm so sorry you are having to go through this, it sounds incredibly stressful and is something you certainly don't need, given your recent health status.
    Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to offer any legal advice, hopefully someone else may be able to advise you,although, not having a legal advisor to act on your behalf,and going through the necessary channels may complicate things somewhat, but again, I can't really advise.
    With your equipment in the premises, I would have thought that legally, you should be entitled to enter and collect? Can the police be present if you fear for your safety?
    I think overall, with a lack of legal representation, CIB warrents a visit.
    Really hope you are able to resolve this situation as quickly as possible xxx
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  3. Haircutz
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    Sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time. I agree with the advice from the above poster about contacting Citizens Advice regarding your financial situation as they can help you appeal against the PIP decision. Also, contact the police about escorting you to your salon when collecting your belongings.
    If the solicitor charged £600 for writing one letter, I’d be raising that with Citizens Advice too.
    Given your health situation, it would probably be beneficial to find a chair rental position in another salon where you’d have support from colleagues rather than working alone.
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  4. Beckybee
    lisa.. Why are fighting this person when there's a chance you might die.

    Walk away, sell your equipment and enjoy life without any stress.

    Lose the battle to win the war

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  5. Lisa19576
    TOTALLY understand what you mean... But I've worked too bloody hard for someone just to snatch away from me, and just to walk away. It's not just a shop, it's so much more than that! Imagine someone walking into your home and saying, right that's it you've got two weeks to move.... Errmm sorry no!
    WHO the hell does he think he is? Why should he get away with what he's doing? It's just so very wrong!
    I will go to great lengths to protect and fight for what is mine, by Law.
    Thankyou for your reply! It is much appreciated xxx

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  6. Spandangle
    Do you have business insurance? They usually cover you for this kind of stuff. Think it comes under illegal eviction or contract law? But your legal fees should be covered? X
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  7. Spandangle
    Also, if a residential premises is above you, he would need to apply to the courts to evict you as he doesn’t have right by peaceable entry if there is.
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  8. Lisa19576
  9. Lisa19576
    Arr now that is interesting!! .... That throws a whole new light on the situation.. THANKYOU! x
  10. Lisa19576
  11. Lisa19576
    Out of sheer desperation I contacted some local press organisations to see if they could help me anyway. I spoke to a journalist yesterday and have a photographer booked this afternoon at 1pm!! .....
    Gamechanger? Maybe??
  12. Spandangle
    Well nobody likes been named and shamed so can’t do any harm, however if still ring your insurance. And also look on landlordzone website - loads of legal advice re evictions etc... good luck and I really hope you get it sorted x
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  13. Lisa19576
    Lol NO.. nobody does like naming and shaming lol.... Especially when the male in question was also featured in the same paper a few months ago - Stating the importance of local shop keepers and small local businesses need to stick together to support each other... OOHHH don't think that's gonna go down very well well! - like toast to a sore throat lol.
    Thanks again for your help and advice
    Lisa x
  14. Beckybee
    Have you being paying your rent or are you in arrears

    You have not explained why he is intimidating you!

    If you are in arrears this is why he wants you to leave.
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  15. Lisa19576
    No not in arrears, I've not voided or broken any agreement
  16. Lisa19576
    Why demand details with exclamation mark!!??

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