Laser hair removal

Hi guys
Can any one point me in the right direction im
Looking for a laser hair removal machine I need something affordable can anyone help I’ve been looking into a few already
Thank you in advanced


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I've got an Infinity Diode. It works an absolute treat. I spent ages looking for decent machines so I know your struggle! I'm open to any questions if you have any.

My machine is a diode, so it's much more powerful than the IPL machines. I can treat my clients in less time so I can move onto my next customer. The treatments aren't too painful (less painful than waxing) and they don't leave my clients with sore skin. When I bought I received free training and full warranty for two years so I was ready to start making money right away. The price of the machine might seem a lot at first but considering you can charge upwards of £90 a leg treatment it only takes a few sessions to make your money back, after that it's all profit. Here's a link to the machine page >>

Hope this helps!