Lash extension alternative

Hey Geeks :)

I have been wearing last perfect lash extensions for around 3 years, I have had the recommended breaks in between but I've let this set come out due to getting a sty and oh my god I have tiny stumps!
Can anyone recommend a growth accelerator or amazing mascara to get me through the next few months?
I feel bald xxxx

Miss Pink23

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I dont have any advice, as I dony think anything really works - your lashes will grow.

But...just wanted to add that you do not NEED to have breaks, as long as your technician is using the correct length and thickness you wont have a problem.

When you say stumps, is it more a case of you having them on for 3 years and not being used to seeing yourself with short lashes?

No, I'm very aware of that as I do lashes myself and especially with the express lashes I always explain when they come out you'll feel like your lashes are shorter but it's just cos your used to long lashes. but mine are definatley shorter. There's no curl at all to them just straight little stumps. I didn't expect anything different really I think it's just the stress of having extensions on them for such a long period of time. I also have a lot of gaps but I'm pregnant and tired and rubbed my eyes alot with the last set so probably my fault xxx

Perls Beauty

I would recommend Complete Lash - I have seen an incredible and fast growth in my lashes and used it for the same reason more or less.

I actually pulled out a few of my own lashes in my impatience while removing cluster lashes and was desperate to do something about the gaps and how shortthey now looked - after only around 1 week I saw a difference, then continued use for a month and now I have got them all full and longer than ever, I just use it a couple of times a week as a maintenance type thing. It's expensive, but sooooo worth it! Good luck! x

£72 is alot of money but if it works it'll be worth it :) xxx