Lash extension client demanding refund


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Hi all im new i have 7 years experience as a therapist and a nail tech well saturday i provided an individual lash treatment on a client . i rent a room in a hair salon im self employed . so she messages today saying theyv all fell out and wants a refund i responded by saying that i dont usually offer refunds until ive tried to rectify the problem atleast she said she doesnt want them doing again as she doesnt want to lie there , i offered her a faster procedure which may also rectify the problem . she messages back and says shes not got barely any lashes left ? That makes me think shes picked them . its my first time handling a situation like this without being employed. Any advice?


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I would def ask her to send photos so you can see for yourself.


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She needs to come in for you to have a look and once she has you can make a decision, I always say I rectify a problem and don’t refund. You could offer a partial refund maybe if she hasn’t pulled them out or a credit for another treatment.


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You should NEVER make any offer of reparation over the phone or via messaging until you actually seen the problem for yourself. For all you know, any pics they send you could have been downloaded off the internet!

Only offer a refund if you know you made a mistake or the client’s own lashes were clearly unsuitable for that type of service. If you think she’s trying to con you, stand your ground, otherwise you’ll have a stream of new clients returning a few days later wanting a full refund and arguing that X was refunded. :rolleyes: