Lash extension glue

Hey there! I’ve been using Nova lash glue for some Time now. I have realized that I just really do not like this glue. It seems to be stringy and sticky and it and clumps most of the time. I have my humidity set at the right level I bought a dehumidifier for this reason. Another reason I don’t like nova lash glue is because of their customer service. They have messed up every order that they have ever me! And the third reason is because they are very very expensive. I’m just over it, so I was wondering what glue you suggest. I would like a glue that dries in 2-3 seconds. I’m having a very hard time with nova lash glue drying the way it supposed to. So this is making my job very hard and very miserable. I want to get back to enjoying lashing. The nova lash glue that I’m using is new so it’s not old, I thought maybe the glue I had was old so I ordered new glue and it still doing it. I would really love some suggestions because I need to order some glue ASAP! Thank you in advance for all of your answers.


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Have a look at Flirties they do a range of different adhesives. I personally use ultra black x


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OP is based in USA so is probably looking for brands based in the States.



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I used to use flirties after hearing lots of good things but have found the glue that works best for me is called Banana Miracle, I tried it as it’s the one my lash lady uses and haven’t looked back!