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i am going to be qualified in classic lashes in july and Russian lash extensions in September, the course have recommended leaving a space between the two to practice, and I was just wondering, do I charge a price for my first few ever sets? so as soon as I pass would it be advised to go straight in with 'special offer £20/15 for lash extensions" even though I have no initial practice? or would I do them for free until I felt it was right to charge?


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Hi :)
I done a training in Classics, Hybrids & Russians last month. I practised a lot on my friends to begin with and didn't charge them.
I'm now feel much more confident to charge. I put on a special price to begin with just to practise more and also gain clients! I made sure I made it known my prices were special offers/ to use for my portfolio! My clients & friends are now happy to pay a higher price since I have progressed!
Good luck :) !