Lash extension removal

Please can someone help me !
I’m new to lashes classic and Russian, Iv been doing them a few weeks. I had a girl who wanted a removal and she said the remover really really hurt her !! It was when I started to pull the lashes off I’m presuming the fumes went in her eye she had to sit up and said it was absolutely unbearable ! I had to help her to the bathroom to rinse her eyes out ASAP. I spoke to another girl who did the same course as me and she said the exact same thing happened to her and now I’m scared to death of doing another one ! I used a gel remover and a microswab, put a blob on and put it from the root upwards trying to not make contact with the skin x

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Try applying it to the end first and middle of lash instead. Most of it will come loose and the product will get between the fake and natural lash so it detaches without having to apply it directly so close to the lash line.

You will get better at it if you’ve ever had it in your own eyes. My first experience was having lashes put on before I trained and they were scratching me eyes they were so close rubbing on skin like needles and the woman just said ‘I don’t do removals you need to buy the remover.’ Poor little old me went to the supply store and got some and then proceeded to burn my eyes because I had no idea what I was doing or how much it hurt. I was good at removal because I was petrified of inflicting it on someone else..which is a good thing. This will only make you better.

Thanks so much for the advice ! x


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Some removers will take a while to work so for a full removal you can apply to one eye first and by the time you have applied to the second eye you should be able to slide the lashes of the first eye. If the lashes dont slide of easily, just wait another couple of minutes and dont try and pull the lashes as that can damage the natural lashes x


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Try using a cream remover, leave it a while and if the lashes just slide off great if not leave a few more minutes, don’t rush it x