Lash extensions help!


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I trained in classic semi permanent lashes a few months ago now and i feel i am really getting the hang of it finally!

The only thing is at the end when i take the pad off and sit the client up and get them to open their eyes some of the bottom lashes are stuck to the top every time!

Its obviously very stressful for me and the client when this happens, i always get it unstuck but its not pleasent for the client!

I use tape and pads to stick the lower lashes down but there always seems to be ones i cant see sticking out over the top of the pad!

Please help its getting me down!


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When you apply the tape and pads there is different methods. I find it easiest to tape the lower lashes down with a couple of strips (depending on the eye shape) while the client has got the eyes open looking upwards which helps to secure all the bottom lashes. Then you can just place the pad a bit further down without the need to get too close to the lash line x


I done away with the pads pretty quicky i found them awful to work with!
I only use medical tape now just one small strip to tape down the lower lashes !

I find that if you get your humidity right ans the right glue ( i love flirties sensitive ) that you wont have as much stickys!

I also get my clients to open there eyes after every 4 or 5 applications of a classic or russian fan to make sure nothings sticking!

Or if you want you can ask them to blink after each application and it helps stop anything sticking to the tape !

Ive gone from having alot of stickies and mishaps to confidently doing a set with no stickies it may just add that little bit time on checking and getting them to open their eyes but it takes away removing any later on or there lashes sticking at the end !

Customer experience is the most important thing

Less is deffo more im my opinion ,less padding and less glue !
And less time fixing

I hope this helps


Really good advice already....onesst thing to add do you have a ring light to help you see any lashes that you have missed?