Lash extensions not lasting?


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I’ve been a lash tech for a short amount of time now, only about a month. I do a fair amount of clients and use a mixture of different glues between the KG salon glue and the sensitive sally’s glue, not quite sure of the exact name. I’m just finding that a lot of my clients lashes are not lasting. I don’t think I’ve actually had one client yet who’s lashes have lasted longer than about a week and a half.

I’m really confused. I’m prepping them thoroughly with the proper protein wipes I received on my training, I’m isolating each individual lash, and I wipe the lash through a dab of glue on my jade stone. I’m not sure why they’re not lasting??

Studio Lashes

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Hi, it could be a number of reasons why they aren’t lasting. Maybe the adhesive you are using is too fast setting for you, if so it will lead to brush offs and poor retention. Also have you checked your room conditions - humidity & temperature as this also can effect retention too. Are you storing your adhesive in an air tight container and making sure its stored away from the direct sunlight. Also you need to make sure that you are shaking your adhesive for at least 1 min prior to using so that all the ingredients mix together properly. X


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As studio lashes stated above it could be any of those reasons, also check client aftercare and your application x