Lash extensions or lash lift?


Hi everyone,

I'm struggling to decide on doing either lash extensions or lash lift. I've nearly completed my level 2 Beauty Therapy course at college and they are doing short day courses on the above. I want to do more nails than anything else but I'm wondering if it worth having one of the above courses under my belt?

What's popular these days? Any advice etc?



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Have a think about who your clients are/will be - are they younger and want an instant fix or more mature and would like to enhance what they have? (I am generalising here). Also think about what you like the look of as you have to be interested in order to sell it as if yours enthusiastic, the clients will be too.


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In my area lash lifts are more popular than extensions, I did both courses and I do more lifts. If you can train in both it’s better as you can recommend what would suit a client more based on what they want to go for


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I offer both,if you are going to work mainly with nails then maybe lash lift? If I combine nails and a lash lift in one appointment, I prep one hand at a time whilst the lotions are on the eyes


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If you are mainly looking at offering nail enhancements then I would look at the option of lash lifting. Whilst lash extensions are popular the treatment will take longer to learn and you really need passion to be good at it. From what you say it sounds like you are passionate about nails and are just looking to add other treatments on the side in which case lifting and tinting could be a good add on and you could possibly also look at brow tinting x