Lash fullness

Hi everyone,

I have just passed my lash extension course and only practiced on a couple of friends. Before I branch out to potential clients I’m wondering if you can help me..
I am doing individual classics and they look full when my friends eyes are shut but when they open they don’t look very different to her normal eyelashes.

I’m using 0.15 C in a variety of lengths from 9,10,11



New Member
A great way to create fullness is to not extend too much longer than the natural lashes. So maximum would be 30 %longer.

Also create your shape using your lengths 0.15 9,10,11 and the throughout the whole lash line use 0.18 8mm this will create a denser base.

I think it’s important for you to understand that full lashes can only truely be achieved if 1 the client has lots of lashes and you spend the time applying to every lash or alternatively you train in Russian lashes which will allow you to offer the glamour OJ’s appearance without stressing the natural lash