Lash glue issues

Hi all

I am having trouble with lash glue setting off too quick. I have adjusted the room temperature several times but to no avail. I am about to give up on lash extensions altogether and not offering this as a service but if you can give any further advice that would be great.

Kerrie x

I should also add that I have a hygrometer and room temp is usually between 20 and 23° and humidity around 45% - 50%


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Dont give up on the treatment, there is so many influences that can have an effect on the outcome. Have you tried asking your supplier for advice as they might have suggestions (they would generally know the products best) or alternatively try a different adhesive as most companies offer different types that will be suitable for the different conditions. Most therapists work with 2 different adhesives to counteract any fluctuations in weather or conditions depending on the room. Let me know if you need help x

Thanks wowbb. I haven't contacted the supplier but i have tried 2 different glues, Ardel and salon system. I will contact them though and see what they say.

Thanks for the advice x