Lash growth serum?

Recently I've noticed that my lashes aren't quite as long and luscious as they used to be (probably due to overdoing the mascara :o ), and I've been having a bit of a look on the internet at lash growing lotions/potions & serums.

But there are so many out there, I'm not really sure where to start. Have any of you tried any which you would recommend? And are they safe? - I've heard some horror stories and not sure how true they are!
I don't mind treating myself a bit but don't want to pay a lot for something which won't make any difference.

Thank you ladies! x
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Look up Botoxboy on here or have a look at his FB page :)
There are before and after pictures of the results from lash serums that they do (they are prescription only but by jove they do seem to be working!!!)

TLC Lisa

Over the last few days ive seen on here that solar oil helps
I've been using Rapid Lash during and now since my EE's were removed and I think it has helped a bit in maintaining growth and strength, although I haven't been using it as regularly as I should - this has reminded me to get back on with it!!

Thank you! X