Lash lift - double lash line


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Hi friends,
I’ve been doing lash lifts for a few years and 98% of the time the results have been beautiful. My issue is that I’ve recently encountered a few sets of eyes that have a double lash line. Today I had a bummer of an experience because my clients second lash line sat quite high above the typical line so I placed the rod above those. It’s very obvious to me now why the lashes didn’t turn out as pretty and lifted as I would have wanted since there was a decent gap happening between the rod and lash line, but I’m totally stumped on how to move forward. Do any of you have experience with this? Should I glue the second set up and under the rod, avoiding lifting them altogether? There were less than 5 in the second row on each eye so that’s kindof what I’m thinking for next time, but my fear is that those ones will poke down and out. Wondering if it might be better to sacrifice lifting those if lining them up with the rod will end up compromising the entire lift?
Thank you so much for your help!