Lash lift /LVL Reversal? Urgent help needed

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Miss Sylk, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Miss Sylk
    Hi guys my lady had a reaction to then salon system lash lift (same as lvl) that i did about 3 weeks ago, only on one eye though. Anyway one eye went VERY lifted, the one with the reaction. 3 weeks later she says can i reverse it at all as its annoying her. I had a huge problem getting those lashes on that eye to stay glued down, eventually got there, but perhaps the silicone pad moved? they were too lifted in comparison to the other eye. I asked her to come back to see if i could reverse, i presumed they had dropped but 3 weeks later i guess not!

    What can i do? i mean id rather not do her again as she has a reaction but then i feel that may have been due to the faffing i did on that one eye, shes desperate to have it matching the other. I thought about positioning a larger mould on slightly down over the lash line, like 1-2 mm and leave on for only 5 mins, or put on the solutions holding my micro fibre wand pressing down for 5 mins perming them straight|(er)??
  2. Pinkbunny28
    Did you patch test her for this and she showed no reaction? I would be inclined to ask her to wait 1 more week and see if they drop. If not I would patch test her again and then perm them straighter if all is well.

    To be honest i wouldn't really want to do it but if you patch test again and she's fine then I don't see why not. Hth x
  3. Miss Sylk
    yes i did test, but the only thing with testing behind ears is i dont believe it does give a true answer to if they are sensitive around eyes, in my experience anyway.

    But how do i perm straight? any ideas anyone|?
  4. Pinkbunny28
    Maybe it would be easier to lift the other lashes to match so you aren't potentially aggravating the other eye? x
  5. Miss Sylk
    i wish it was that easy, but she wants them lower, too high for her. x
  6. shedunlop
    No, you won't be able to do this successfully. She will just have to wait for the lashes to grow out or fall and curl the other eye with normal lash curlers.

    It would be really risky to do anything to her eyes as she has already reacted once and your insurance would not cover you.

    Sometimes we just have to say 'no'. It will only be a few more weeks anyway for her to wait. It could have been a lot worse eh?:wink2:
  7. Beauty Lassie
    Just though i would give you my thoughts!

    I do I-appeal, when i trained i was told that the lashes that are lifted stay that way and dont droop back down, so she will have to wait till the new lashes grow in and the lifted ones fall out.

    I wouldnt even think about repeating the process again as the reaction could be far worse than before and also, as pointed out you will not be insured.

    Hope this helps!;)

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