Lash lift on yourself


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Hi lovely ladies,

Just wondering if anyone does a lash lift on themselves? If so do you have any tips please? I’m thinking you have to do one eye at a time or could risk having your eyes open??


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I always do my own lash lift. At first I did one eye at a time so I could keep one closed but now I just do both st the same time and it’s been fine


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I do my own and usually do one eye at a time


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Thanks ladies, I’ll give it a go on myself


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How did it go? I’m thinking of giving it a try on myself

I do my own ... I do both at the same time cos I'm impatient lol. My profile pic is my eyes after a DIY lash lift

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I do mine and years ago i would do one eye at a time but now I just go for it and do both. It doesn’t matter how well it’s done I always get tired eyes from having the shields on and half open so get twitchy after. They look good but never look as amazing as my clients.

I’ve seen adverts for a diy lash lift kit on instagram and it sounds like a recipe for disaster!! Some of my ladies struggle just to take their makeup off, let alone glue a shield to their eyes and lift their lashes. It’s a pain in the ass to do myself and not exactly comfortable even though I know what I am doing.