Lash lift, what products to use?

Hey what products do you all use for lash lifting? I'm using the salon services one ATM but I don't think it's as good as it use to be?

Effi Briest

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LashUs works for me
I'm loving the consistent results from Lashus also.


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I use flirties. You can get free samples to try out aswell


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We’ve just switched to LashUs and we love it!

I used salon system before and the girl who works with me used lvl. We both prefer LashUs xx



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LashUs is brilliant I would go with them

I cannot seem to find the website for lashus?

Effi Briest

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Have a look at Sweetsquared for info

Hello what is the lashus step by kit comes tommorrow


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Where do I buy lash us?

Effi Briest

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Effi Briest

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It’s important to remember that your results will vary depending on various factors individual to the client, lash length, thickness and whether they have loads of lashes or not so many. We all love to use our best pics that give a bit of wow factor but to be honest if someone has sparse thin short lashes there’s no way you’ll get the same result, no matter what system you use.

I’ve used three systems and would say they are much the same. Just follow timings for your chosen system.

That’s not to say finer lashed folk won’t love it! It’s about managing their expectations. 100% of clients I’ve done (and I do a lot) are pleased with the improvement since they still look brighter, perkier and their lashes look longer!


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