Lash lift

Hi Geeks

I’m wanting some advice. After reading some lash lifts threads I’m really unsure on when I should be using medium guards? For long lashes I’m always scared of using small guards in case the lashes point upright.

And my second question my client who is having the lash lift tomorrow has asked if she can keep her contact lenses in whilst I do the treatment and afterwards



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I’ve always been told small for short lashes and large for long lashes, medium for in between. Unfortunately your client will have to remove her contact lenses during the treatment


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When you did your lash lift training didn’t they show you how to select the right rod/shield size for your clients lashes and eye shape?
Might be worthwhile getting in touch with your educator x


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I agree with Act123, most people would suit the medium shields and small would be for short lashes and large for long ones.
Contact lenses need to be removed but your client can put them back in after the treatment