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I’ve just completed a Lash Lift course and was told to use just ‘small’ guards to create best lift on all clients! After reading some threads on here and also doing my daughter’s lash lift, who has long lashes, I realise that isn’t right as some of her lashes bent! I’ve now ordered medium size


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You really need to discuss with your client the amount of they'd like, look at their shape, check for hoods and measure shield against lashes. It's not one size fits all.

I find I used medium for most clients but for short lashes use the small. I’m getting great results.


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Same as the others! The shield size is determined by the length of the natural lash so it will vary depending on your client x


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A lot of people think the smallest shield will give the best lift, intact in most cases it doesn’t and the medium shield will look best. The small shield is for very short lashes and can often look too lifted on longer lashes