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Hey my lovelies, im bella from leeds. Im doing my classic lash extension course next month, and id like to start doing lashes from home straight after the course so i get into it, routine, perfection, and speed.
So what do i need to work from home, and where did you guys buy it from. Id rather get things low cost first, and invest in pricier stuff later ( like massage bed, light, towels, blankets ) lashes and glue and those things im not going to safe on and most likely be using the same i get tought with. Hope you guys have some ideas and advise. Oh and it also needs to be a lash station i can basically fold up and store away after clients.

X bella X


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I personally would invest in good quality equipment and products. If you cut corners now you might save a few pounds but then you have to spend more money to upgrade the products or equipment so I would buy the right things at the beginning to save you buying it double.
You only need a beauty couch, stool, trolley and the lash starter kit. Your trainer might supply the kit or you can have a look at different companies who specialise on this and offer starter packages x

Ok what light would you recommend? Im not looking for cheap, just not the most expensive. And yes i get a lash starter kit for sure so that's covered.


I got my bed and stool from gumtree (really high quality stuff and hardly used for less than £50). I use a floor standing ring light from amazon, they have lots of different types of lights you could try. I also got my towel set from amazon for pretty cheap as it’s just towels at the end of the day. I’d also recommend a memory foam neck support pillow (also amazon!) - customers love them and they put their head in a really good position.

For other equipment (I also use their lashes and glue) I’d recommend lashbase. They are good quality but not as pricey as other brands. They have lots of neat accessories, regular offers and great branding.

Thank you for the advice, yes i heard of lash base is good and i will check all that out,

I have so many questions that i will ask my trainer when i do my course. But ill obviously be asking all you girls for advice and help alot more

MARNUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Cervical Pillows for Neck Pain Ergonomic Pillow with RoHS Certification for Back Sleepers Side Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers+Washable Cover

This could work right? I fall asleep when I get my lashes done alot. Could prevent the head from moving to much


Yeah that looks great! Yeah, I have a couple of twitchers who suddenly throw their head to one side. My tweezers are sharp and my focus is strong girl, don’t do that haha

Hahaha, yea i might get that one then



Yeah I think that would work great, and it’s a good price!

I use a ring light because it’s also good for makeup which I also offer and great for those important social media pics. Neewer 12-inch Inner/14-inch Outer LED Ring Light and Light Stand 36W 5500K Lighting Kit with Soft Tube,Color Filter,Hot Shoe Adapter,Bluetooth Receiver for Camera Smartphone Youtube Video Shooting

Right i looked at that one First, is it bright enough ?


It's very bright. It's blinding :D



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Hey. Like you I’m also training for classic lashes next month. Can’t wait to get started. Just shopping around now for beauty couch etc. Its so hard to know what to go for as there as so many. I’ve found a couch for 70quid and ring light for 30 so I suppose that’s not too bad. Just hope it’s good quality.

Yea i got a long shopping list on Amazon, and also found suppliers now id like to work with. So been doing alot of research

Can anyone compare the neewer (as above) to the glamcor I’m debating between both?

Can anyone compare the neewer (as above) to the glamcor I’m debating between both?
I cant unfortunately. Im just ordering a rig light from Amazon


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I have a ring light and also 4 glamcor lights.

Honestly I would get a ring light, i prefer it over the glamcors now. Also it costs less.

I have a ring light and also 4 glamcor lights.

Honestly I would get a ring light, i prefer it over the glamcors now. Also it costs less.
That’s brilliant, thank you x

Hi just jumping on this I thought id share the light I recently bought which I found to be cheap and extremely good

I had found the exact same one from a beauty retailer for double the price! and its 15% off on your first order. I also agree with spending that little bit more on your equipment I qualified last August and bought everything on a budget im now finding I am having to rebuy things, I bought a couch for £70 on ebay however I cant quite get my legs under it enough to get close to my client so that's something to look out for when buying :) good luck with everything xx