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Sep 9, 2021
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I’ve just had the worst client in I’ve been doing beauty for 10 years and lashes for 2 I felt like she was a bit of a trying she said her friend has done her last lot of lashes and she hates them.
So I removed them all the way through she kept opening her eyes and moving around and kept saying she was sleepy and had stuff to do an hour and 20 mins in she said oo I need to go I said they normally take 2 hours so let’s take your pads off and see.

the response I got was awful she said they were shocking and the worst she had seen and was like what are these.
The proceded to say she was going to cry and laid it on I said we have time to add more you said you needed to go I’ve done them the best I can to the picture you showed me.
She said just fix them I then started making a fan and she started saying her skin hurt I said what do you mean I hadn’t even placed another lash at this point.

she kept grabbing the mirror opening her eyes whilst I was trying to find lashes to add more and I had to keep telling her to keep her eyes closed.
she kept getting more and more dramatic almost having a paddy.
in all honestly they were nice as I wouldnt of shown them to her if I thought they hadn’t of been.
She the continued to slate my work and ask for a colleague to come in saying it’s good for them to see this. I said no I work for myself here if you don’t like them I’ll remove. Clearly you won’t be happy with anything else I do.

This went on for another ten minutes then she said she was scared of me removing them I showed her the remover for her to read the ingredients but she was like no I’m to scared.

Then she like this always happens to me which she said a few times also saying the day before a hair dresser had burnt her.

I said again let me remove them she said no ill get another salon to take them out.

anyway I didn’t want her to make a scene in front of the hair clients in the salon so just let her go without paying.

how would other people of handled this ? My confidence is really knocked she really was awful.


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Jul 16, 2020
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Sounds like she just wanted a free set. If she truly didn't like them, why wouldn't she let you take them out instead of paying someone else

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