Last minute cancellations


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I work from home, and a uni student too. I posted a Black Friday deal for gel nails, and had lots book.
The money from my nails is my only form of income.
However, literally today, I’ve had a women and her mum Both cancel at 9.30 when their apps are at 12. How do I go about cancellations? Should I start asking for deposits even if I charge £15 for gels? Any help would be appreciated x

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It doesn't matter how much you charge for your treatments, you are still within your rights to charge a non-refundable booking fee (not a deposit, you have to give those back). If you do introduce this, make sure that you make it clear to everyone when they make their booking or you won't be able to enforce it.


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I charge for late cancellations and no shows though I only charge 50% the very rare occasion this happens, but it's important that you state this upfront otherwise they're within their rights to not pay. Also to confirm their booking, when you fill in the client form, get their numbers, address, and email, so you can send an invoice on both email and post. For example when you confirm their appointment, you could have a template that says something to the effect of "dear xx, your appointment is confirmed for xx/xx. Cancellation 24h before scheduled time. In the event of late cancellation, a fee of xx will be charged/invoiced. Kind regards". Word it how you wish, but make sure you do word it, otherwise it'd not enforceable ;)
You could also use a booking system, there are free ones and ones that cost a small amount of money. They are worth it just to the customers know that they can't mess around with your time.


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I introduced a booking fee because of cancellations in December. It’s the only time I’ve had an issue with them. I’ve had a couple of clients query it when they’ve cancelled however I just send a screenshot of the T&C that they agreed to when making the appointment....