Leaving my job


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I have given 8 weeks notice on my salon am at now ... I dont know the rules and regulations but where does this leave me with clients if they ask where am going am I aloud to tell them or am I aloud to give them my number dont really know how it works ?


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Are you employed or self employed? Are you responsible for paying your tax and NI or do you receive wage slips with tax and NI deducted?

If you are employed, you cannot poach the clients but assuming they know your name, they will easily be able to find you via social media.

If you are self employed, they belong to you and you have a legal obligation to look after their personal details and the salon isn’t allowed access to your clients information, without the client’s express permission.
I think 8 weeks is an unusually long notice period so I assume you’re self employed?


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Sorry, I just realised this is an ongoing situation.

Your boss isn’t being very helpful so I’d be inclined to do lots of social media posts about setting up self employed from X date, stating where you will be based and how to contact you and mention your previous salon in your posts.

I’d also give as little notice as your contract requires. 8 weeks is unnecessary. You want to start earning now as summer should be a good time to set up a new business.