Let's share beauty tips


My tip is this. . To make your salon smell invigorating or relaxing (which ever mood you want to create!) put 5 drops of rosemary oil and 5 drops of lemon oil on a damp kitchen paper towel and drape it over a radiator or near a heat source. The heat will allow the scent of the oils to disperse throughout your salon. . For relaxing mood I suggest mandarin and frankincense. . For a day of luxury . . rose and geranium xx
Definitely gonna give this a try, so simple but effective


Any more beauty tips lovely salongeeks? X

Oooh I know this is so bad for your hair but I still do it... I wash my hair once a fortnight in fairy liquid to remove product build up!! My nan told me to do it years ago, I expect to remove the concrete hairspray she used to use back then! I know I shouldn't but I still do it an then shampoo and condition as normal. Dont recommend to clients though!!

What else...

I cover my face in 8 hour cream overnight once a week. If you don't have that use Vaseline or similar. Skin is baby soft!

If you don't have any deodorant or don't like chemical deodorant, Mix
bicarb of soda with a tiny bit of water to a slippery paste and apply. This really works!! I was sceptical but try it!
Will post more as I remember them xx


For a great body scrub just add a handful of normal salt to your shower gel and scrub. It is soooo cheap and effective. A lot of the products you buy never have enough gritty bits in them and they are extortionate.
Ps make sure you dont have any cuts though or it will sting like mad:)


I use baby wipes to remove excess tint when I dye my hair (at home kits - not a hair Geek :wink2:).

Put the dye on my roots, then by the time I've got the the back of my head it's been on long enough for me to start adding the dye to the rest of my hair. Once I've finished running it through and clipped it up to allow it to develpo I then rub all round my face, neck and ears with a wet wipe and it gets it all off.
GENIUS! I've been wiping with damp cotton wool, but going to try this next time!


Wow all of these are fantastic. Will be sure to try them all sometime !!!


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We need to keep this alive I like this kinda thing

Here's afew of mine

When self tanning I use a mitt an when I get to my hands an feet I use a bit tan an blob of moisturiser on the mitt an make a fist with my fingers as well to get the little wrinkle bits.

If your mascara is gettin abit clumpy, make sure it's closed an fill a mug with hot water an sit it in it for afew mins.. Should help de-clump.

Tweezing after a hot shower is less painful as your follicles are a little more open to allow sweat.

I have psoriasis on the back of my neck down ward from my hair line.. Head an shoulders is good for this an spot prone back breakouts... Even when I don't wash my hair with it I still wash over the effected area with it :)

Ermm that's all I can think of for now ladies :)

what a fab little thread, i cant think of anything to add, but it deserves to be bumped up!


After home colouring my hair I always get it round my face especially when using a red colour but I use conditioner to get it off also if you put it on your hair line before colouring it will act as a barrier :)

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Lou x

If you pump your mascara before applying....STOP!
Air just gets to it quicker so it becomes dry and clumpy quickly! x


Being from Florida, this is a favorite DIY recipe from a skin professional friend of mine:
3 - 4 cucumber cubes
1 tablespoon orange juice
1 strawberry
1 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon fresh cream or yogurt
Put it all in a blender and make a paste. Put it on your face for about 20 minutes and just relax with one of those margaritas I mentioned earlier. Rinse. The orange and strawberry refresh your skin and the honey and cream or yogurt moisturize your skin.

but make sure you lock pets and the man in your life out of the room to avoid excessive "lick off"


Nightmare and I fall for it every time!!

Actually I swear by soap and glory! I'm never without my sexy mother pucker gloss or arch de triumph eyebrow pencil everybody's always nicking it! :) x

Yep loving the mother plucker - just make sure it only goes on the lips!!! ( ya getme????)


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Olive oil in your hair apparently keeps it in good condition, my grandmother swore by it lol.

Im there with the sudocreme - for EVERYTHING! absolutely love the stuff :) x


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but make sure you lock pets and the man in your life out of the room to avoid excessive "lick off"
Gurl, that's the whole point! (With the man in my life...not the pets...not really my thing) :wink2:

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I got this tip from a magazine years back. Use sweet almond oil to remove eye make-up. It's cheap and it moisturises your eyes at them same time. I just rub some onto my eyes and them wipe it off with cotton wool.


If you get a small ladder in your tights, paint some clear nail polish on it to stop it getting worse. Xx

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Loving the vodka tip - will try that tonight! X

Another tip - apply bonjella 20 mins before plucking your eyebrows will ease the pain !!
wonder if that would work on my hollywood????:lol:


Any more tips to add geeks? These have all been great to read through!



Lou x

Hairspray also is good for keeping your make up in place on a night out-
Although I wouldn't recommend it and it you do try it-
Don't forget to close your eyes!!! x