Life span of acrylic powder?


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Just wondering if anyone can advise me on the life span of acrylic powder, and how you tell if and when it goes off.

I have a lady tomorrow wanting the Northern Lights Silver acrylic on tips. I have had my pot for 2 years and have only ever used it once before. I don't want to use it on the client if it has lost it's goodness.

Any replies would be appreciated.

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If I recall correctly, most acrylic powders have a shelf-life of about one year, once you open them. You'd be taking chances with two years. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please!

I found something a few weeks ago that answers this question once I find it I'll post it. But it may differ from one product to another.

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Cant seem to open the link, but I have had my metro powders for about 2-3 years, and have the black one on just now (have just infilled after 3 weeks) and its still good hth xx


Thanks for that link, very informative.
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Most polymer unless a very low end product, will remain just fine for years in fact, although manufactureres will only guarantee for 1 year for obvious reasons; as they don't know in what conditions the product has been kept.

Colour is the main thing that will let you know if the polymer has 'gone off'. If the whitre looks yellow or the pink looks peachy then I would bin it. It would still make a nail but not a very nice one, and would deteriorate more quickly than new fresh product.