Lifting when using Dadi Oil


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Three of my regular clients have suddenly found their gel polish not lasting so well and some chipping. The only common denominator seems to be that I gave all three a sample of Dadi Oil to try. I use Opi Gelcolour and am wondering if the Dadi oil is affecting it. I have previously used only opi Avoplex cuticle oil on them.
Am I imagining this or has anyone else had any issues? Any help appreciated.
It would be a shame as Dadi oil smells so lovely. Thanks all x


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It's very unlikely that this is the cause of lifting, using it actually helps to keep the coating flexible so that it lasts longer. I have never known any cuticle oil to cause lifting as part of homecare, it's really important to use it :)

I bet there's another reason ;)


OPI Infinite Shine
Thanks Noreen I'm sure you are right, I was just thinking that using a complete system like all Opi or Cnd, is always deemed to be best, and wondering if the Dadi Oil reacted in some way with Opi, but I guess if no other techs have a problem it will be something else


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I used dadi oil for some months, the smell is amazing!!
Never had any problems - I think there's another cause too x


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What process have you been following? Have you just been experiencing lifting with OPI GelColour?
I am a regular user of Dadi' oil and have never experienced any problems - I actually find it to be the most effective cuticle treatment.
I think there may be another cause of the lifting too.