Lightening dark hair to very light


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Dear hairdressers.

I have dark brown hair but have coloured it red over the years. It's is now ginger/red.
I have bleached some strands as I like different tones.
The outcome is as pictured...
I don't mind the warm tones however how would I get the brassy orange bits light enough to then put a light pink on. Would it be a case of round 2 of bleaching in a few weeks or a toner?

I used bleach London to lift the colour.

Thank you.



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Hello and welcome to SalonGeek.

This is a forum for professional hairdressers and it’s against site rules to provide technical colour advice to an untrained diy-er.
Please visit your local hairdresser or hairdressing training academy to discuss suitable colouring options.


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Maybe you should 'highlight' this in your ask a pro FAQs. I have read threads which are by people who are not trained. Not giving advice to untrained people is discriminating.


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Yes I see. You have worded it in such a long roundabout way that one has to read it a few times to understand what you are trying to say. 'Ask a pro', sounds like what it is, ask a pro.... A simple ask a pro is for professionals to 'professionals' only would have been suffice. Maybe just not have that option? Because you have that option it suggests anyone can....Ask a pro.